David Watson – Life Member Profile

David Watson – Life Member Profile

Discover the incredible journey of David Watson, a volunteer extraordinaire, whose unwavering dedication transformed Kissing Point Football Club and NSFA

David Watson volunteered for the Kissing Point Football Club (KPFC) in various roles for 18 years until 2015. David has been a player, coach and manager and held various Committee roles at the Club including President between 2012-2015. David was a Director of the NSFA Board between 2013-2016 – including President in 2015 – and the Acting Chair of the Football NSW Grassroots Football Committee between 2014-2015.

In his role as Club President, David developed and implemented numerous initiatives – including on-field signage for sponsors and RESPECT campaign signage – that helped to grow the club including establishing significant sponsorship arrangements with local businesses which funded football programmes.

David also organised Registration Day events as well as canteen improvements including implementing Point Of Sale capability and Loyalty Programmes which funded equipment purchases. David helped to develop the KPFC Legends Programme which involved senior players mentoring junior players. David organised for T3 to provide two years of free training for players and coaches, including coaches acquiring their coaching licenses. These sessions included goalkeeper clinics for junior teams as well as school holiday programmes. David also introduced a Referee Scholarship Programme at KPFC.

David introduced the EA Sports FIFA competition at the Auluba Oval clubhouse and a ‘photo of the week’ and monthly competitions. David also started the KPFC Facebook page and introduced a member satisfaction survey in 2012 to improve the operational, financial and governmental systems of the club. Furthermore, he would drive publicity for the Club by organising for a KPFC story to be included in the local news publication every season. David secured multiple accreditations for the club, including the FFA Club Level One Accreditation and the Good Sports Level One Accreditation. He also worked within the Kissing Point Sports Club to ensure that football benefited from its fundraising and sponsorship revenue.

David has also done work for the NSFA over the years including establishing a membership satisfaction survey and organising sponsorship deals with the Northern Tigers Football Club 2013. David also helped redesign the NSFA website and was awarded the Silent on Sidelines inaugural press and CX awards in 2016.

David Watson has had a storied career with both KPFC and the NSFA. We thank David for his volunteer efforts and contributions which have helped to grow the game in our association for the best part of 20 years up until 2016.

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