Electronic Match Cards

In 2016 the NSFA transitioned to an electronic match card (EMC) system, replacing the existing paper match card system.

It is beneficial for all Team Managers and Referees to have their own Smartphone enabled to connect to the internet over a mobile data connection. If one or two do not have a suitable smartphone please see if the other will allow you to use their phone. Simply login properly and perform the game day tasks from that phone. If that is not possible please ask players if they have a suitable device for you to use.

NSFA have performed availability and speed testing at ALL NSFA grounds. This confirmed that 4G + 5G signals are available on Telstra/Optus/Vodafone networks at the technical area of all grounds. Testing was performed using both Android and Apple iOS devices. The only ground with a potential issue is Tunks #3, Cammeray. Coverage is however available near the amenities block if technical area proves difficult.

The fall back position is always to revert back to paper match cards. Always carry a generic paper match card to all games (containing all player details). Complete team names, game time and ground at the game.

2022 Update: Using Dribl

To prepare, submit and record the scores in Dribl you will need to be setup as a Reporter / Recorder by your club.

For further assistance, head to the Dribl Helpdesk for more information.

Please see the below videos and user guide for instructions on how to use the Dribl app.

Match Sheet Overview

Reporter and Recorder Roles

Pre-Game: Prepare and Submit Team

Pre-Game: Confirm Opposition Team

Pre-Game: Add Official

Only required if no referee is appointed to the fixture.

Pre-Game: Forfeit

Post-Game: Scores

Confirm score with opposition manager and referee before submitting.

Post-Game: Disputes

Only required if you are appealing the result of a match or if a NSFA Playing rule has been breached.

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