At the beginning of the 2017 season we kicked off the INSPIRE coach support program as a means of supporting the 1,100+ coaches throughout NSFA on a weekly basis. Over the course of the season we managed to smash through the #TARGET100, reaching 248 coaches as part of the program. Each week members of INSPIRE received an e-newsletter containing relevant session plans, session plan videos, player development videos, coaching tips, football related articles and a blog post as part of our Inspire BLOG.

INSPIRE aims to provide coaches of all levels access to a platform that will host coaching resources, video content and discussion forums to assist coaches in their season-long journey. Our mission is to better the footballing experience of both the coach and players by providing relevant, progressive and easy to digest content.

INSPIRE Archive – the database of session content spanning across each phase of development; Discovery Phase, Skill Training Phase, Game Training Phase and Performance Phase. Users will be able to search through the archive to discover the Inspire-Curriculum sessions which are available for print and in video format.

INSPIRE TV – INSPIRE TV  various playlists housing content for coaches and players to digest. Inspire TV will have various playlists including:

  • Skillzone – Skill of the week video. Utilising local talent with the potential to develop two videos; Under 6-8 video, Under 9-13 video.
  • Coaching tips – Weekly coaching tip video’s to assist grassroots coaches in their delivery of training and match day duties. Short 30-60 second videos revisiting key messages delivered during community coaching courses.
  • Session content – Filmed Inspire-Curriculum content

InspireDISCUSS – InspireDISCUSS provides coaches the opportunity to engage with the coaching community in sharing content, gathering feedback and discussing scenarios during their coaching experiences to assist others and gain advice. An Inspire representative will moderate InspireDISCUSS.

InspireBLOG – Contribution to InspireBLOG by peers of Inspire Coaching to provide relevant discussion, information sharing and the promotion of activities via Inspire.

To register yourself on the mailing list please visit the following link:

Inspire Program Registration link

For more information about INSPIRE contact Nick Marr –

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