NTRA Amenities and Seating Development

NTRA Amenities and Seating Development

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The Northern Suburbs Football Association (NSFA) are aware of recent media and community attention regarding the proposed Development Application submitted to Ku-ring-gai Council, DA 0484/21 and wish to respond to rumours that are circulating and emphasise the importance of adequate community amenities for the safety of our region.  

Northern Suburbs FA have existed since 1957, providing community football competitions and programs to 18,153 members of the northern suburbs community of which 7,800 participate for Ku-ring-gai Clubs during the winter season. NSFA is made up of 14 Ku-ring-gai based Clubs whom provide opportunities from Under 6 to Over 45 competitions during the winter and Summer Football competitions during the summer. As a collective, NSFA and its member Clubs have been an integral part of the local community for over 60 years, contributing alongside Council to facility upgrades, sports field improvements and the enhancement of many community projects and initiatives.

During the winter season (April – August) NSFA are the primary hirer of the North Turramurra Recreation Area (NTRA) sports fields, with Cricket becoming the main hirer during summer and golf operating year-round on site. Organised community sport hire sports fields and other amenities from Ku-ring-gai council as they do throughout Sydney. NSFA book the fields on behalf of its member Clubs as directed by Ku-ring-gai Council to help manage the workload involved for both council and Club volunteers.

Please see the NSFA’s Future Football Strategic Plan –

To state NSFA has no community relevance is uninformed and disconnected from the local community.

The submitted DA proposes the following developments. We wish to elaborate on each to ensure all readers are aware of there purpose and benefit to the local community.

Increase changeroom facilities

The proposed development will create five new changerooms to meet the demands of the current sporting complex with 18 toilets and 8 shower facilities included. The universally designed changerooms will allow NSFA to meet the growth demands of its membership, whilst providing safe and secure areas for participants to access. The changeroom division is:

  • Three gender flexible changeroom
  • One officials (referees) changeroom, with gender room division – safe & secure
  • One coaches changeroom – safe & secure

The current sporting complex caters for 1,000+ football participants per week, however provides only two changerooms and 8 toilets. This has resulted in participants being forced to get changed in their cars, in the open or within the public amenities. This has caused many participants to request matches away from the venue to other more suitable locations. Our project will ensure that each participant gains access to safe and secure changerooms, appropriate toilet amenities and accessible facilities. The amenities and grandstand structure will create an additional 18 toilets and 8 shower cubicles.

The growth of female participation within NSFA requires the North Turramurra Recreation Area facility to meet the demands of local participants and enable local sporting Clubs to provide inclusive and safe opportunities for participation. At present girls and women get changed in their cars or in the one toilet facility provided – this is not good enough.

Increase access for all-abilities participation

8x Accessible & ambulant toilets

The development of the project will support the growth of local all ability programs at North Turramurra Recreation Area. This includes the ability to consistently deliver the Pararoos Development Centre; for athletes with Cerebral Palsy and Acquired Brain injury and host all-ability gala days.

The completed facility will allow the NSFA to host all-abilities gala days, bringing together programs from throughout Ku-ring-gai to participate in a safe, purpose built environment. Three members Clubs currently provide all-abilities programs with over 80 participants; Lindfield FC, St Ives FC and West Pymble FC.

We anticipate growth of over 100% by athletes with a disability due to the completion of the development.

Appropriate spectator viewing

The Northern Suburbs FA support 18,000 community football participants each year, without a centralised venue or facility to host important seasonal events. The establishment of a brand new, purpose built and universally designed facility will allow NSFA to meet the demands of its members, provide further opportunities for participation and ensure inclusivity at its main sporting complex.

The current recreation area does not have appropriate spectator viewing areas. Undercover seating atop the amenities building will allow safe seating, standing and accessible access to members of the public. Furthermore the facility will provide protection away from the natural elements and ensure comfortable viewing and enjoyment of community sport.

There is no intention of hosting ‘mass’ events, nor the capabilities of the site nor seating to host professional events such as televised matches. This is a community amenity to provide better facilities for members to enjoy in the same way Ku-ring-gai and local council provide to other sports.

Additional public amenities

The current sporting complex of NTRA is home to three Clubs, alongside the North Turramurra Golf course and netball court. The existing amenities do not meet the requirements during normal participation periods, with over 1,000 members of the public utilising the area on a weekend.

Additional public amenities and accessible amenities will enable all sporting groups to maintain a universal approach to their programs and offerings. 18 additional toilets and 10 additional shower cubicles are integrated into the design to meet the current demands. 

Community sports-club working space

The amenities building development will allow the sporting complex to diversify its offerings to the wider community, with various community room spaces built to support local community groups (yoga, walking, meet ups), community members and sporting Clubs. This space is designed to fit 15 office-style desks.

The community rooms will be utilised by non-for-profit sports Clubs in the region when hosting meetings and delivering workshops. The local football Association, Northern Suburbs FA, will seek to lease some of this space from council to deliver community sport to over 21,000 members per year.

Alcohol & food

The development does not include a bar, restaurant or food catering services.

A canteen and BBQ will continue to operate as has done on the site since its creation and similar to what occurs each Saturday and Sunday morning at sports fields throughout Australia to raise funds for local Clubs and provide a snag to participants – this is part of the Australian sporting culture.

Other community concerns raised:

Media box – This is not a television media box, simply a noise tight room within the pavilion fitted with a desk to allow two people with an unobstructive view the playing fields.

Commercial shop – This is not within the DA.

Corporate box – A weather-proof viewing platform within the grandstand. Approximately fitting 10 people.

Boardroom facility – This is a meeting room for community use to fit 10 people.

Car parking – The current facility has been designed in respect of the car parking available. 

Finance / cost – The NSFA currently propose to fund the develop with no additional contribution by KMC rate payers.

Additional fields – We do not believe there is space for additional fields at NTRA. As per our Facilities Strategy, there is no intention to alter the NTRA playing fields.

Noise – There will be no ‘mechanical noise’ from the amenities and these will operate during the evening as per any other changeroom amenities block throughout Ku-ring-gai.

The structure will provide noise relief to the surrounds, absorbing noise from the playing fields.

Security lights – Security lights will be implemented as per Council guidance.

Security camera – Security cameras will be implemented as per Council guidelines and are anticipated to help stop ‘hoons’ using the car park as a night time meet up spot.

If you have any questions or concerns, please send your questions or concerns to


Edward Ferguson

Northern Suburbs FA – CEO

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