2020 Feedback Survey Summary

2020 Feedback Survey Summary

The NSFA published a survey for its members in the XTRA Time email newsletter to provide feedback over a three-week period spanning October – November 2020.

In total 160 submissions were received and 223 comments.

After the launch of our Future Football Strategy in March 2020 it has been extremely pleasing to be able to deliver on many initiatives and competitions throughout the year. At many points the football season did not look likely to start or finish, however we have achieved a fantastic result with the majority of the Association completing 14 rounds.

Our season review survey was released with the aim to provide our members a chance to provide feedback to the various operations of NSFA as we strive towards our Future Football objectives and to deliver an enjoyable and engaging experience to all involved.

Our communication and media channels had a workout last year due to the ongoing nature of the COVID situation and it is pleasing to hear the membership engaged with the channels and content on offer. This continues to be a focal point of the organisation as members demand efficient methods of consuming their football information.

The organisation of competitions and fixtures has been pleasing to the majority of members, with referees and facility standards highlighted as major impacts on the competition experience during the season.

Ongoing issues continue to be in two main areas that NSFA do not directly control; facilities and referees.

A major concern of the membership is the varying standards of facilities throughout NSFA due to many different environmental factors alongside the maintenance and delivery standards of the five councils we span across.

We continue to work with our councils to upgrade existing facilities, develop new facilities and increase the capacity of fields in the area. The announcement of Bob Campbell Oval and Norman Griffith Oval conversions to synthetic fields this year will provide long term benefits in the region and meet NSFA’s increasing sports field capacity objectives.

NSFA continue to collaboratively work with KDFRA to increase the coverage and quality of referees officiating matches in the region. This year saw record referee coverage with an average of 98.7%, an outstanding result primarily due to the investment of both organisations in a part time referee appointments officer.

The membership continue to request a higher standard of refereeing which is pleasing to see and something KDFRA are willing to match. The KDFRA are currently creating a new strategy with many long term initiatives to support the growth of football to ensure enough high quality referees are available.

NSFA scored an overall NPS rating of 36.2, and 81% of our membership is pleased with the NSFA during 2020.

We will collate, review, and reflect on all feedback which will help us improve our processes and investments to improve the community football experience in 2021 and beyond.

Yours in football,

Ed Ferguson

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