Coach Spotlight – Freddie Seccombe

Coach Spotlight – Freddie Seccombe

Freddie joined the NSFA coaching environment this year, taking on the role of Football Development Manager at Northbridge FC.

What are your first impressions of football within NSFA?

My first impressions surrounded the Youth Coach Development Course I was involved with at NTRA. I worked under Ed Ferguson to run the course and it was a great introduction to the association. The focus on the continual development of football and the long term planning for coach development structures is very exciting. It feels as though the association is ever evolving and I look forward to working alongside the football community within the NSFA.

What do you think are the most important skills within a coach?

A continued desire for development. An ability to engage the relevant group, get them to buy into what you are teaching and create a positive working environment. An understanding of the needs of different individuals and how to get the best out of each and every one. High energy and high levels of passion. There is no strict right or wrong if certain outcomes are met and certain expectations are kept.

How are you preparing Northbridge FC for the future?

During my first season at Northbridge, I have been able to gauge the landscape and begin to understand the ecosystem we have at the club. It has been great to work with the group of coaches at the club and I am very excited to implement a coach education calendar that will provide the coaches at the club with a variety of courses, workshops, opportunities to work with other senior coaches internally, hands-on training assistance and matchday feedback and supervision. So far I have been very impressed with the level of the coaches at the club and the incredibly young average age of coaches across the club. I hope to continue to gain an understanding of the region, association and club as we seek to offer coaches the best possible opportunities for development within the game.

What motivated you to try coaching?

A deep passion for the game. A desire to positively influence others of all ages. A need to deeper understand the game and a burning interest in talent development. The formula behind success and the formula behind the development of talent.

What do you personally want to achieve within football at NB and beyond?

After a range of footballing experiences across a number of countries I feel very lucky to be in the position I am in. Northbridge is an ambitious and well-structured club that I hope to be part of for some time to come. My goals surround the continued development of coaches and players within the club. Creating opportunities for young men and women within the game. Providing the coaches an education that allows the players best opportunities of development. I hope to continue to develop relationships across the association and work together to allow for the best football level in North Sydney possible. Beyond Northbridge I am not sure, there is a lot to be done here first!

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