2019 Final Series Winners

2019 Final Series Winners

Congratulations to all our 2019 Final Series winners!

Northbridge secured the Men’s Premier League and final series double at Northbridge Oval with a 3-0 win over Willoughby Dalleys FC. Women’s Premier League champions Northbridge A were shocked in the final as North Sydney United secured a 2-1 win.

Junior Mixed Final Series Winners

U12/Super League – Mongo FC
U12/2 – Lane Cove A
U12/3 – Northbridge C
U12/4 – Northbridge D
U12/5 – North Sydney United P
U12/6 – Lindfield X
U13/Super League – Lindfield A
U13/2 – Willoughby Dalleys
U13/3 – Lindfield C
U13/4 – Lindfield D
U13/5 – N/A
U14/Super League – North Sydney United S
U14/2 – Turramurra United A
U14/3 – Northbridge B
U14/4 – Chatswood Rangers Blue
U15/Super League – Lindfield A
U15/2 – N/A
U15/3 – Chatswood Rangers Blue
U15/4 – Sacred Heart Pymble A
U16/Super League – West Pymble A
U16/2 – Turramurra United B
U16/3 – N/A
U18/1 – Lindfield A
U18/2 – Kissing Point A
U18/3 – Turramurra United SH Pymble

Men’s Final Series Winners

Men’s Premier League – Northbridge
Men’s Premier League Reserves – Northbridge
MAA2 – Asquith
MAA2R – North Sydney United
MAA3 – Lane Cove Blue
MAA3R – Lindfield A
MAA4 – West Pymble
MAA4R – Old Barker
MAA5 – Northbridge
MAA5R – Mongo
MAA6 – Lane Cove
MAA6R – Lane Cove
M35/1 – Lindfield
M35/2 – Northbridge
M35/3 – Chatswood Rangers
M35/4 – North Sydney United
M35/5 – Knox United
M35/6 – North Turramurra B
M45/1 – West Pymble
M45/1R – St Michael’s
M45/2 – West Pymble
M45/2R – St Ives
M45/3 – Hornsby Heights
M45/3R – West Pymble

Junior Girls Competition Winners

G12/Diamond League – Lindfield Kerr
G12/2 – Lane Cove A
G12/3 – Northbridge NPS Tigers
G14/Diamond League – Lindfield A
G14/2 – Chatswood Rangers Blue
G16/Diamond League – Northbridge Red
G16/2 – Kissing Point A
G18/1 – Northbridge B
G18/2 – North Sydney United A

Women’s Competition Winners

Women’s Premier League – North Sydney United
WAA2 – Lindfield C
WAA3 – Asquith A
WAA4 – Lindfield G
W35/1 – Mount Colah A
W35/2 – Kissing Point
W30/6As – N/A

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