Joint venture success in Diamond League

Joint venture success in Diamond League

For the 2020 season, neighbouring NSFA clubs Kissing Point and Turramurra United made the decision to combine their resources and players to field teams in NSFA Diamond League. NSFA spoke to both clubs about their experience and plans for the future.

Why did you decide to join forces to become a Diamond League Club?

The collaboration started thanks to Eilidh in the NSFA Female Football Working Group. During our FFWG meetings, Kylie & I got to know each other, we both realised that as 2 strong female football leads in our respective clubs with a growing group of girls playing football, we both wanted to offer more to our girls. However, neither club had the depth for a Diamond League licence on their own.

With guidance and support from Ed Ferguson and Eilidh Mackay, the seed was planted to join forces to enable the girls in both clubs to be a part of the Diamond League yet remain with their home club whilst developing their football skills.

How is the collaboration going?

With anything new, we have had our moments of elation & jubilee along with cringe worthy moments & lots of laughter (along the way maybe a drink or two).

The feedback from players and parents has been very positive. In the first year of our collaboration, we have been able to get three age groups – 12/14/16 – up and running. In the 2021 season we will have all the age groups in place, 12/14/16/18.

We have had a few logistical issues due to technical limitations however we have made sure that the girls have had what they needed; dedicated & supportive coaches, access to a high-quality league and positive experiences.

It has been important to be able to offer girls more opportunities to play football and develop their skills in their own club.

What have been your highlights from year one?

The biggest highlight was seeing the efforts put in by all the players, parents and coaches to continue when training had to stop due to COVID. The teams continued to train & meet via Zoom. This continued contact allowed for development of a great team culture which has been reflected in the games and training sessions once season began and we finally got on the park to play in June.

Seeing the play and enjoy the experience with some players playing up into the next age group- swapping jerseys between TUFC and KPFC has been rewarding.

Where do you see Female Football by 2023?

For KPFC and TUFC, we would love to see multiple girls’ teams in the Diamond League and progress towards having our own teams by 2023. It would be great to see our current Diamond League players to continue playing and be ready for Premier League in the all age competition. We will like to see Diamond League extended to include 10-12 clubs, all committed to supporting female football in the NSFA.

Ultimately, every single player in the NSFA being part in some way in the biggest football event to be held in Australia, the Women’s World Cup in 2023!

Photos thanks to Karen Tate, Jacinta Martin and Natasha Fazl.

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