Grassroots Spotlight: Lorin Lambert

Grassroots Spotlight: Lorin Lambert

West Pymble FC’s Lorin Lambert has kicked off 2020 in style, completing her coaching C Licence and featuring for the NSFA Women’s Select.

Can you take us through your playing journey?

I first started playing football in 2005 at West Pymble Football Club and played for a few years before my family moved to Guam. I continued playing and somehow managed to join the U15 squad for the Guam National Team! I then moved to New Zealand when I was 16, where I played in the top division for school, as well as a selective academy. This is where I first started playing in a Women’s All Age division at Waterside Karori FC. I moved back to Sydney in 2016 and went back to my roots playing at West Pymble FC. This year I had the opportunity to play in the NSFA Select team which was a fantastic experience and being part of the first select team to ever win was a huge highlight!

How did you find being involved with NSFA Select? Can you explain what it is and what you gained as a player and coach from the experience?

I had an absolute blast playing in the NSFA Select team! It was such a rewarding experience and was a great opportunity to experience different coaching styles and play with the best female players from across NSFA. Being in a more competitive environment it really pushed me to step up my performance and allowed me to learn from all of the talent around me. Being able to have Eilidh as our coach was valuable for my development as a player and as a coach. Experiencing a new coaching style is always beneficial to development, so being able to experience this firsthand was priceless.

How did you get into coaching? Who influenced your journey so far?

When I was 16, I filled in for one of my friends who was coaching an under 5s skills session, and to say the least I had such a blast I knew I had to get into it straight away. Which I did! I went to a coaching course the following month and was able to start coaching right away! As I got older, I realised that I personally wanted to give younger girls the opportunity to be coached by someone who understood them, and to be that person that they can trust, look up to and be comfortable around. My coaching has been influenced by the few female coaches I have been lucky enough to have. Even my experiences without female coaches has played a large role, as it made it more apparent how valuable and important female coaches are.

Why did you join the FCMP? Would you recommend the program?

I joined the Female Coaching Mentoring Program because as a female coach you can often feel lost and lack self-confidence no matter your experience. I knew by putting myself into an all-female group it would not only help me, but help other female coaches build on our knowledge and confidence. I would definitely recommend the program to any female footballers who are even the slightest bit curious about becoming a coach! Growing this base will be hugely beneficial to everyone involved.

What advice would you give to a female who is thinking about getting involved with coaching?

As Nike would say, “JUST DO IT”, take that leap and immerse yourself into what will be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences in your life. Especially when there are such great resources offered to support new coaches there aren’t any excuses not to give it a crack! If you’re thinking about it, get involved and all the coaches at the FCMP will be there to support and guide you!

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