XLR8 Coach Spotlight: Izzy Foletta

XLR8 Coach Spotlight: Izzy Foletta

What is your favourite team and who is your favourite player?

My favourite team is Chelsea FC and my favourite player of all time would have to be David Beckham.

Tell us about your journey within football and what initially got you involved in coaching.

Well I’ve been playing football ever since I was 5 years old so that’s about 15 years now, I first coached when I was 14 years old with a company called little kickers in Perth. I coached there until I was about 16 and then started helping out with my club and younger teams. I did my MiniRoos coaching course when I was 16 with my state team and then proceeded to do my ‘C’ Licence when I was 17, particularly when Football West provided women with an opportunity to do their ‘C’ Licence qualifications for free. I proceeded to coach teams and work with community football which I now do so in Sydney with XLR8 and Northern Tigers.

Who’s been your biggest influence within football coaching – and why?

My biggest influence within football coaching would be my former coach Jessine Bonzas. Jessine coached me from around the age of 11 and still continues to coach me, she is the coach you always wanted. She is tough on each and every player but also lets you enjoy the game. She helped me get started in coaching from a young age and I have never looked back, she helped me develop as a person, coach and as a player. I strive to coach like her in every team, clinic and session I conduct.

Why do you coach with XLR8 and what do you love most about coaching?

I first started coaching with XLR8 because I play with Northern Tigers and I continue to coach with XLR8 because I love the environment, values and beliefs XLR8 offer. There are so many opportunities for so many different players. What I love most about coaching is being able to provide players with opportunities and chances to develop, have fun and play the best game in the world. I also love being able to share my passion for the game through my coaching with the players I get to coach.

Describe a moment that has challenged you as a coach, and how did you overcome it?

The most challenging moment I’ve had as a coach would probably be the parents not trusting you. In addition to being a girl I am still a young coach, and parents may question that a lot. The way I overcome it was purely just proving to them that you are able to coach, develop, improve and control their children and the team you are taking.

What would be your advice to coaches and players that strive to improve themselves?

My advice to other coaches and players that strive to improve themselves would have to be to always put in your personal 110% effort at all training sessions and games – and by putting in extra yards it will pay off.

Here’s my favourite quote;

“The vision of a champion is bent over, drenched in sweat, at the point of exhaustion, when nobody else is looking.” – Mia Hamm

In one word, describe your role as a coach.


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