The evolution of INSPIRE FC

The evolution of INSPIRE FC

Our vision is to influence every grassroots football player in Australia and international through empowering community coaches and improving the community football experience of players. Our new online platform can be accessed anyway, anytime, anywhere, to help support you on your journey. We hope you enjoy challenging your thought process and upskilling yourself as a coach.

What did INSPIRE FC used to look like, and what does it look like now?



If you want to get good at something or achieve a specific result in an area of your life, what would you do?

Try following someone who has done it successfully and tweak their plan to suit your needs/wants.

We are not here to tell you exactly what to coach for every session. INSPIRE FC is here to;

  • Support you, the players you’re working with and challenge you as a coach to deliver developmental and enjoyable playing experiences
  • Support the delivery of fundamental, objectives and principles (core skills, technical, tactical and so on) related to football and coaching.

INSPIRE FC was born out of the challenge to support and develop grassroots coaches further. To make your lives easier, clearer and more enjoyable.

INSPIRE FC was born to challenge and improve your understanding as a coach – and inspire you to never be a players last coach.

INSPIRE FC was born to support you in becoming better coaches, to enable each and every player loves their football and wants to keep coming back for more.

Our aim is to influence every player, by providing accessible resources to grassroots coaches that promote enjoyment, development and retention.

We want to empower you as coaches as we believe you are the most important influence on a player’s football experience.

What’s next?

INSPIRE FC is dubbed the Netflix of coach development, why, because it is;

Simple – To use and deliver, whilst providing clarity on why/how/what to deliver.

Accessible – Coach Development at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere, because we understand life is busy

Engaging – modern and professionally developed for a great experience for you… and your players whatever level of years experience you have as a coach

Web & App – Up to date technology to service you at home on a computer, on an APP on the ground or whilst commuting

What are the benefits?

  • Modernised central hub for session videos, session plans, coaching tips and education videos
  • Access to coach development resources to become a better coach
  • Role Models – Seeing how experienced coaches deliver sessions and what they deliver
  • Football content that will make your players more skillful and game intelligent

There has been over a decade of coaching knowledge poured into INSPIRE FC!

INSPIRE FC is specifically designed for Australian grassroots coaches and players, alongside being aligned to the Football Australia National Curriculum. What does this content look like?

  • Season plans, videos and sessions across each phase and developmental stage
  • Understanding how to select the appropriate periodised season plan for you and the players you work with – here is one example – Week 1 = Session 1, Week 2 = Session 2, continue until week 11/Session 11, then start again or repeat the sessions your players enjoyed!
  • Simple – Watch the video and download the session plan to keep in your back pocket when required
  • Online library – Follow each session from start to finish or pick and choose, you decide, but all we ask at INSPIRE is that you attempt to consume some of the content because we guarantee it will help!

Delving deeper into the content!

What are the biggest problems coaches face? – Managing behaviour, motivating players, parent knowledge, understanding and expectations.

The content on the platform addresses these issues, teaching you how to manage behaviour, showing you how to motivate players and how to lead everyone in the right direction.

Relating Theory & Practice!

Coaching Tip of the Week – Key behaviours to coach, manage – and lead yourself, players, and parents

Education – Philosophy, knowledge, short videos and modular activities selected by you, the coach

Conference – Brief interviews and presentations from some of the best coaches and coach developers in the world.

Try Emma Hayes’ coaching tips ensuring the correct language is important for inspiring players, players who do not start are named ‘Impact Players’ to create buy-in instead of being a substitute and the importance of ensuring training is more challenging and thought provoking than matchday.

It’s all there for you to view and use – Don’t be the person who halfway through the season turns to someone and states goes ‘what’s inspire FC’ or ‘is it really that helpful’?

Be the person who uses it and maximises its potential for others.

CHOOSE – Season plan for your players, we’ll provide you with further information to help make the selection easy.

Try to stick to one season plan and avoid changing unless needed – season plan is periodised journey.

WATCH – To understand the purpose, player and coach development philosophy behind each season plan, role as a coach – and some trips and tricks to make the season run smoothly

PLAN – Is setting 20 minutes a week to learn and plan too much to ask?

Form the habit each week – same time, same place to open the app, watch the session, coaching tip and download the PDF session plan. Make it automatic.

Tailor each session to meet the needs, wants and demands for your players –

Make it easier, harder, specific for the players you work with. The videos and plans are your baseline level, understand them to build from there.

DO – You will ask your players to give their best when playing, therefore we ask you to be the best you can be for them, whilst having fun!

Creating a Football Flywheel – Player and Coach Development go hand in hand. The link is essential to developing a positive football culture, player and coach retention, enjoyment, development, and support for all. INSPIRE FC is at the forefront of the football flywheel – educating coaches and players to actively take their next steps in the game.

Be an INSPIRING Coach!

INSPIRE FC will help you fulfill your role as a coach. When you use the platform, you will take care of players and personal development – whilst ensuring a continued love for football

A final message for the INSPIRE FC Team, be open, be joyful and be an inspiring coach… and let’s make sure we improve the ocean (the world game) – drop by drop!

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