Building a Team Identity

Building a Team Identity

The only resources you need to begin establishing a team identity is time, energy, and intention. Remember, it all starts with a conversation. If you want to establish a team identity, you have to give your team an opportunity to openly discuss the 4 C’s of a Team Identity: clarity, commitment, contribution, and concerns.

4 C’s of Team Identity:

1. Clarity

A. Clarify the team’s mission and vision. If you do not have a team mission and vision, have your team collaborate and create them.

B. For specific projects, clarify the goals and timelines that the team needs to function.

C. Also, clarify each team member’s level of authority in relation to the group or positions on the pitch.

2. Commitment

A. Identify the commitment level of your team members.

B. Encourage commitment by showing your own and leading from the front. Tell your team why football is important to you and the reasons you want to help them achieve their goals.

C. Have each team member answer these questions:

i. Why is this team important to you?

ii. What do you hope to gain as a member of this team?

iii. How can we finalise and define success for you as an individual and a group?

3. Contribution

A. Determine the strengths and weaknesses of yourself and the team you coach.

B. Have your team members each answer these questions:

i. What specific skills, knowledge, and/or expertise do you bring to this team?

ii. What do you think your role is on this team?

c. Rather than immediately delegating tasks, let your team suggest assignments based on their potential contributions.

4. Concerns

A. Make sure you give your team members an opportunity to voice their concerns, comments, and/or ask questions.

B. This is the time to ask the following questions:

i. Do you have any concerns about playing on this team?

ii. What could we, as a team, improve on?

Here’s an example – outlining a team identity and a unique style to the group you are coaching in a simple way. Make sure you have fun yourself when creating this for the people and players you work with.

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