NSFA Levels Up with Bondle

NSFA Levels Up with Bondle

For the 2022 season NSFA has partnered with Bondle to streamline processes and improve the ease of communication with various Club Working Groups.

“One of the key issues highlighted by our clubs has been the burden on volunteers to keep track of the various happening within our association,” explains NSFA CEO Ed Ferguson.

“We identified Bondle as a potential solution to help ease the workload on our club volunteers and make it easier to communicate with NSFA staff and other club representatives through our various working groups.”

With a home World Cup on the horizon next year, Head of Female Football Eilidh Mackay has used Bondle to coordinate the various aspects of NSFA’s Female Football Working Group, replacing lengthy email chains and WhatsApp messages.

“Bondle has helped ensure football communications are in one place for the volunteer and they don’t continuously interrupt their personal lives,” commented Eilidh.

“All communication is stored in one place making accessibility to information easier. It’s fantastic we can look back on information and get up to speed very easily.”

Get your team in the conversation

With Bondle up and running and a conversation started, invite your team to collaborate and contribute. With the ability to add as many people as you want, you’re well on your way to a whole new way of interacting without boundaries.

Get tagging

Tag your conversations to get organised. By Tagging a conversation you can group conversations aligned to your world. Some conversations might be for Board/Executive, Sub-Committees, Marketing, Events, or anything you like. Once a conversation is tagged, finding, interacting, staying up to date, or recalling old interactions can be done at the click of a button.

NSFA Technical Director Jason Eagar has utilised Bondle to manage his interactions with various sections of the NSFA football community.

“Communication was previously through email; this was inefficient and challenging to track down past emails and email chains.”

“With Bondle you can easily setup conversations with a group (for example, SAP Technical Directors, key contacts at each Development League Club, Tigers NSFA Staff) to send and track communications and tasks with confidence.”

Tasks in an instant!

Bondle provides immediate access to everything you need from wherever you are, letting you get things done hassle-free.

Assign tasks from anywhere
Create a task as a message and assign it to others in the conversation with a single click. You can also set priority, due date, additional comments, and files to help move things along.

Visualize team productivity
With the task section view and filter any Tasks, whether they have been created for you or you have created for others, making it easy to monitor productivity and accountability.

Transparent progress
With Bondle, the whole team can view task progress, tasks closed and more to keep everyone in the loop.

Coach Development Manager Jake Stephenson has utlised Bondle to help share various documents with members of the NSFA coaching community.

“Through our mutiple coach support initiatives we’re always sharing documents and Bondle allows us to have them all located on the one platform in an organised structure.”

“It’s also very easy to communicate with the various coaching personnel at once using the broadcast feature.”

Bulk messaging with broadcasts

In just a few steps, you can get your messages or files to everyone you need with the BROADCASTS option. Simply create a group, choose the message or file to send, add a group of recipients, set the subject line, and your message will be delivered to every conversation you need.

Message analytics

The BROADCASTS option doesn’t just let you send mass messages, files, and correct mistakes. It also gives you the statistics you need to measure the effectiveness of your messaging, such as the number of participants who open your files.

The implementation of Bondle within the NSFA organisation has allowed for new systems that make life easier for volunteers and association staff members, streamlining operations and saving valuable time. NSFA hopes the introduction of Bondle will help volunteers separate their volunteer roles from their everyday and work lives by having all NSFA matters located in one place.

Click here for more information about Bondle! Available on desktop, iOS and Anrdoid, new customers from NSFA receive a 20% discount.

Bondle is a proud sponsor of NSFA, Northern Tigers and the NSFA Men’s Premier League.

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