Kick In Your Boots: A Heart Warming Story of Community Support and Charity

Finished with your boots now the season is over?

Why not DONATE them to someone in need?

Yes, I Have Boots to Donate. What do I Need to Do?

  • Ensure your donated boots are CLEAN & in GOOD CONDITION – a quick polish will make the new owner proud to wear them!
  • Bring them to our collection point
    • We have set up a dedicated drop-off point at Lindfield Sports Centre
    • It is open weeknights from 4pm to 9pm at 76A Highfield Road, Lindfield.
  • Contact Ilan Hurwitz if you have a few hours to spare to help clean and sort them or can help in any other way.

If you’d like to read about how your past donations have helped members of our football family, here is the new Charity website that has been set up – check it out!

Thanks to Ilan Hurwitz, the instigator of this fabulous charity, for organising this great initiative and helping those less fortunate get out on the pitch in suitable gear.

Behind the program:

The recent Women’s World Cup has once again highlighted the universal appeal of football as a sport for everyone. However, the reality remains that many communities around Australia do not have the means to participate.

As the season draws to a close, it presents an opportune moment for clubs to collect used boots for redistribution. Lindfield is leading an initiative to collect and distribute boots and there is currently a shortage. Your club’s assistance in promoting this cause could make a significant impact. For many recipients, these could be their first pair of boots, opening up a whole new world of possibility and positive experiences around playing the sport we all love.

Take a look at this supporting information.

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