FightMND Round Announced

FightMND Round Announced

NSFA and its clubs will be conducting its inaugural FightMND Round during the week of June 21-27, falling on the weekend of Round 12 for our senior competitions. FightMND Round aims to increase awareness about Motor Neurone Disease (MND), raise funds for FightMND, and show our support for NSFA Competitions Manager Damian Miles, who has recently been diagnosed with MND.


We will raise money for Fight MND through fundraising efforts, challenges, donations, and sales of merchandise.

NSFA will collect the money from all NSFA Clubs in participation and submit a donation on behalf of the football community each season.

You can make an online donation to our fundraiser here.

Why Round 12?

In football the crowd and support staff of a team is often referred to as the ‘12th man’, providing additional support to those on the field to win the match and perform their best. Damian has been the 12th man within NSFA, contributing significantly to NSFA, KDSA, KDFRA and Northern Tigers during his time involved.

Damian will forever be the 12th man of local football within NSFA which we will recognise and celebrate each season.

About Motor Neurone Disease and Fight MND

Motor Neurone Disease (MND) is the name given to a group of diseases in which the nerve cells (neurones) controlling the muscles that enable us to move around, speak, swallow and breathe fail to work normally and eventually die. With no nerves to activate them the muscles gradually weaken and waste. There is currently no truly effective treatment and no known cure.

Founded in 2014, FightMND was established with the purpose of finding effective treatments and ultimately a cure for Motor Neurone Disease. They are Australia’s leading independent MND Foundation funding large-scale collaborative research, drug development, clinical trials, and vital assistive equipment for Australians living with MND.

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