Yokohama F Marinos Present to Local Coaches

Yokohama F Marinos Present to Local Coaches

On Wednesday 11th July, NSFA welcomed back Mikio Miyashita and Ryo Maruyama from J-league club Yokohama F Marinos.

Mikio visited NSFA in 2017, providing a player development clinic for Northern Tigers FC players before offering his experience, skills and knowledge to NSFA coaches. Mikio was joined by Ryo this year, providing a coach education workshop to 45 NSFA coaches as well as representatives from Football NSW, FFA and other member federations.

The focus of the evening was on the concept of ‘linked movement’, emphasised by Mikio as a key component in football when creating a ‘team’. Mikio discussed how the understanding, communication and culture are the foundation of developing a team, however also highlighted the importance of linked movement in creating successful football teams.

The evening was primarily aimed at players Under 12 +, with the concepts requiring players to understand that the game of football is bigger than them, the individual, requiring all players to be on the same page and supporting each other to achieve the teams goals.

Mikio delivered an introductory movement game to warm candidates on a mild winters night, with players competing in a tag like game within a 10m x 10m box. This introductory game proved the foundation of the evening, providing players with an insight into the perception, communication and anticipation skills they were required to use in later exercises.

A ball was soon introduced, with players focussing on their ability to combine short passes to complete a passing pattern. Players were shown the importance of body position whilst moving, as well as the required explosive action to create space away from an opponent. Mikio took questions from the crowd throughout the evening, progressing and modifying his practice to tailor for different numbers, abilities and challenges.

The session was rounded out with a highly intense game of four goal football, with large goals lining each side of a square area. Two teams would compete to score in three of the goals, with the emphasis on the possession team to lose their opponent in order to create space to receive the ball and score. In order to be successful, the foundational skills of communication and anticipation were relied on heavily during the exercise.

The evening was wrapped up with a Q and A, followed by a presentation to the coaches from Ed Ferguson, Community Football Manager, who offered thanks and a gift of an Australian made player magnet product, Game Shapers.

Ed Ferguson would like to pass on his thanks to Mikio, Ryo, Kanta and Taro for facilitating such as insightful and unique coach education workshop. Ed hopes to welcome back Marinos to NSFA in the future and looks forward to seeing how NSFA coaches modify the ideas and concepts to think ‘outside the box’ to challenge and engage players.

Game Changer player magnets, Shapers, are an Australian made product to help coaches and players understand body shape when working on a white board.

NSFA have been offered a special discount code ‘NSFADISC’ until 30th July.

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