Overtraining or Undertraining?

Overtraining or Undertraining?

Being active is fundamental to our well-being and helps us tackle many challenges that life throws our way. Finding a balance in life is always a challenge and sometimes it’s hard to know how much physical activity to fit in amongst study, family time, school and SLEEP!

A few facts:

Because everyone is different, unfortunately there still isn’t a manual telling us exactly what to do! We can however follow a few simple guidelines and look out for any signs that things might not be going as planned:

  • Encourage general, unstructured play outside
  • Practice good bedtime habits and getting the recommended amount of sleep
  • Minimise screen time, particularly before bed
  • Keep it positive on social media
  • Watch for signs of overtraining – there’s lots but some common ones are:
    • Fatigue
    • Anxiety
    • Inability to concentrate
    • aches and pains that don’t go away (e.g. growing pains preventing play)
    • lack of enjoyment from football
  • Watch for large variations in physical activity
    • Build up slowly if you have had a break – e.g. long holiday, or COVID-19!
    • Train the way you want to play – helps you become physically and mentally prepared for games

Good luck, have fun on the weekend and stay football fit!

Michael Reynolds – APA Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist

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