Coaching Spotlight: Mark Williams

Coaching Spotlight: Mark Williams

Mark joined the Club Coach Coordinator (CCC) team at Asquith SC in 2019 to support Keiron Rice in the role and help provide more support and enjoyment to players and coaches at the club. Read more on how Mark came to end up at Asquith and the journey so far.

How did you first get involved with Asquith SC? 

When I moved into the Asquith area in 2008 I looked to join up with an Over 35’s team as I wanted to get back into playing football after a number of years off. While they didn’t have a 35’s team then, I joined the All-Age team and began to make some good friends and enjoy the club’s welcoming nature. Now 11 years later we now have both a 35’s and 45s for those wanting to play. I am now also into my second year as coach to my son’s team, and part of the committee – a very rewarding part of my week is seeing the kids enjoying the game I love so much. 

How is the club trying to support its parent and volunteer coaches? 

Each season the committee grows, and more people are getting involved to make sure all the parent and volunteer coaches have the support and information they need to have a successful season. In the last couple of years, we have grown the Coach Club Coordinator from 0 to 3, and we have ensured that all coaches (old and new) have access to the support they need whether it be training advice or practical help during the season. This will continue to grow and develop over the years. We also strongly encourage them to come to one of the pre-season training workshops as well as enrol in the Inspire newsletter 

As a club, do Asquith SC have key values they look to instil in players, coaches and members? 

Asquith Soccer Club is a strong family club, which prides itself on being “The Friendly Club”. Many of our senior players have children playing in our junior teams, and coach & manage at all levels in the club.  The values we try and instil in our community is to first ensure that every player has a safe and enjoyable place to play football. We also want coaches to be encouraging to the kids, and provide the tools for them to grow each season. 

What would be your advice for new coaches? 

 My biggest advice is to make it fun and enjoyable. At the end of the day, our aim is to get the kids to grow in love with the sport that most of us as coaches love. This means being organised and planning the season ahead so that when the kids arrive they can get going as soon as possible. Some days (mainly windy ones!) even the best drills can be a challenge – and in those times a game is the best way to tackle that scenario. At the end of the day – whether U8’s or Over 45’s playing a game at training is what we all want to do! 

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