Coaching Spotlight: John Tindall

Coaching Spotlight: John Tindall

As a new CCC in the area, how have you found the support and resources on offer at NSFA?

Having run coaching programs and development squads in the past, I found that most of the education that I provided to coaches came from my own inspiration and talking with other coaches. When I signed up as the CCC for Gordon, I never realise how well supported and involved the CCC community is. Having access to the INSPIRE program, the INSPIRE Facebook Group and the Dropbox for other resources – it’s really helped me distribute more quality education to all my coaches. With a proper understanding of what happens, next season it will be much easier to coordinate attendance of our coaches to NSFA-run education courses and their subscription to INSPIRE. Having fellow CCC’s to lean on for advice, as well as you (Ed), makes me feel like I’m part of an enthusiastic and driven community.

What direction do you plan on taking Gordon SC?

Gordon are working on a 3-year strategic plan for achieving some significant goals by the end of the 2021 season. We’re ambitiously growing our club with players primarily in our local community through development programs run by the XLR8, promotion in local schools and quality coaching standards. Aligning our coaches with our Coaching Philosophy, Coaching Values and our curriculum will be critical in helping improve our player retention and attraction – there will be a strong emphasis on coaches attending the education courses available. Our goal is to have several age groups playing in the Super League and Diamond League after the 2021 season, with younger age groups being eligible to play in the higher divisions during the SAP age group. We will offer three kinds of football: elite, development and community.

Why do you and your club value development and education of players and coaches?

We believe that quality coaches create an energetic environment that motivates players to achieve their potential. Making football fun and rewarding is our main focus, no matter what level of competition the players are involved with. By investing in programs that focus on the education and development of our coaches and our players, we believe it will not only produce better footballers, but it will organically add value to our community and deliver many positive impacts to many lives. We strive to be a club that cares, understands and supports our players.

What makes a great coach to you?

A great coach is one who has the ability to lead and communicate their vision, with a genuine enthusiasm that creates rapport with their players. It’s about maximising the potential of your players, inspiring their growth and development and positively reinforcing good behaviours, leading by demonstration. A reliable and organised coach, who is prepared every training session and every game, delivers a quality experience to their players and lets them spend as much time on the ball as possible. Being solutions-focused, honest and realistic will help your individual players work together as a team to find their own innovative solutions. I believe great coaches have the skill to guide others into making real breakthroughs and recognise them publicly for it. Great coaches are strategic in finding ways to inspire their players’ commitment to their own individual goals, as well as the team’s goals.

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