Life Member Profile: Marcia Allman

Life Member Profile: Marcia Allman

Marcia Allman began her time with NSFA (formerly KDSA) in 2007 when she was hired as a receptionist, at this time she was one of only three paid staff members, who managed the association administration alongside the Management Committee. Not long after Marcia was moved to an events role due to ongoing growth in player numbers within the area.

While working in events, Marcia was involved in everything, from her original administration role to more of a help desk where she was able to take any task or issue and run with it. This ranged from coordinating events, to organising trophies, looking after the sporting gear, updating the website, and assisting the general manager.

Over the years Marcia had many proud and rewarding moments, she recalls Gala Day very fondly as it was something she and many others put a lot of time in to for the kids. Despite being a lot of work to organise, Marcia felt that it was worth it in the end to see the players and the community have such a great time. She remembers one rainy Gala Day at Montview, where she had to go and purchase brooms so herself and others could go out on the field and sweep all the water off the oval to ensure the kids would be able play. 

Marcia admits that nothing is ever done alone, noting the volunteers had supported the clubs within the NSFA from the beginning and continue to do so for the benefit of the club and community.

“These Volunteers, including the Board made working at NSFA such a pleasure,” she comments.

“We worked as a team, and I made so many wonderful friends and thoroughly enjoyed my time working in a great sporting environment.”

Today Marcia reflects affectionately on some of her favourite projects the team completed such as ‘silent on the sideline’ weekend, Gala Day, and the introduction and fundraising of defibrillators. Marcia discusses how thankful she was to receive Life Membership as although her employment with the association has finished, she will always be able to stay connected with the NSFA community.

The Northern Suburbs FA has existed since 1957 (formerly KDSA) and as we enter our 65th year we are seeking support to help us collate information, digitise records and present this on a specific NSFA History website.

In partnership with Macquarie University we have commenced phase 1 of this project, which aims to compile photos and information on each NSFA Life Member.

If you have any information on NSFA Life Members (particularly before 1980) or would like to provide assistance on the larger NSFA History project, please email

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