Female Football Spotlight: Judy

Female Football Spotlight: Judy

During our Female Football Friday event at Blackman Park we met Judy from Greenwich Sports Club. Judy is playing her first season of football this year in 2022! We spoke to her about her reasons for giving football a go and her experience so far.

Can you introduce yourself?

Hi,  I am Judy and I recently moved back to Sydney after having lived and worked for nearly 40 years in Paris, France.  In Paris I played tennis and a lot of competitive squash up until about five years ago when I found the pace of squash was getting the better of me (maybe due to my then being well into my sixties?)

Anyway, I suddenly started losing matches that beforehand I would have easily won. I stopped all sport.

What made you decide to try football this season?

Then having arrived back in Sydney, I joined a running group where someone suggested I join a  soccer team.  Never having played soccer before but having excelled in ball games in the past, I hoped that I would pick up soccer skills without too much trouble.

What are you enjoying about playing?

What I  discovered is that soccer skills are very specific and to master the skills, in my case, will take oodles of practising. Strangely, there is a lot to learn. The fact that I’m now 76 years of age doesn’t help of course!  Anyway, I love being part of a team of wonderful sporty women and am motivated to play and learn and have a lot of fun.  The team I joined is full of cheerful, successful, spunky women, who I’m delighted to play with, and I have the impression that they are prepared to include  me and ignore my lack of competence while I learn.  I have a long way to go, but having fun getting there.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about getting involved?

At any age, if you can run, it is possible to learn skills and have a great time practising and playing soccer.  Team sports are  fun and balance well with the stress of city living. It is very rewarding to be part of a team with a collective goal of beating the opposition and  I recommend to any woman of any age, who enjoys sport to  find a few hours a week and join a soccer team. 

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