Coach Developer Spotlight: Lorin Lambert

Coach Developer Spotlight: Lorin Lambert

As part of NSFA Female Football Week initiatives, we will be hosting a female only MiniRoos Coaching Certificate course on Friday 13th May at Blackman Park, Lane Cove, 5.45pm to 7pm.

All females aged 15 and over are encouraged to attend the course to see what it is all about. The coach developers will create an inclusive and empowering environment. Our aim is to inspire you to be leaders in the game.

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Read on to learn more about NSFA Coach Developer Lorin Lambert who will be helping deliver the course!

Who’s your favourite football team and player – and why?

My favourite football team would have to be Liverpool, without being on the “bandwagon”. I think Klopp shows a lot about the club culture they create for their players. My favourite football player would have to be Ellie Carpenter. She shows such grit and determination on the field and has worked extremely hard to get where she is today and is without a doubt one of the best current female footballers. She could play anywhere on the pitch and be a threat to the opposing team. I think she is a great role model for young players (and old) to look up to.

Why are you involved in the delivery of coach development within NSFA?

I have come from a football background where historically, I was coached by a dad stepping in or where I was lucky enough, young female coaches. When I first got into coaching at a really young age, I did it because I wanted to be like my role models and I was offered very little support. These experiences grew into a great passion and I am now lucky enough to have the knowledge and experience behind me to support other coaches, wherever they may be on their journey, to ensure they feel supported and guided where they need it and want it.

Tell us some of your key highlights as a coach or coach developer?

One of my biggest highlights as a coach has been the opportunity to grow players into strong and confident leaders, who have then become passionate coaches themselves. Having the opportunity to be a role model is such a great feeling and one I am sure many coaches share. Another highlight of mine was the opportunity to be on a panel discussion for the INSPIRE FC Coaching Conference. This opportunity really helped me grow my confidence and prove to myself what I am capable of when I put my mind to it.

What have you learnt when delivering courses, workshops or mentored others within the NSFA community?

To me, coaching is all about confidence, communication and engagement. When I have had the opportunity to deliver courses or mentor, I make sure I focus on how I am engaging with other coaches. By having an open communication channel and being open-minded, I have seen just how much I can learn from other coaches, even if they are just starting out. The most important thing I have learnt over the years being part of NSFA has been that the learning never stops, no matter how long you’ve been coaching, a great coach will always challenge themselves to grow.

How have the changes to the coach development courses this year within NSFA benefitted the coaching community and you as a presenter?

I know NSFA coaches will and have benefited greatly from the course changes. Delivering these in a hybrid setting with shorter blocks allows these courses to be accessed by more people, especially those who may have been unable to commit to the previous format. Overall, increasing this accessibility allows the NSFA Community and Coach Developers to have more opportunities to learn and grow in a safe, fun and engaging learning environment.

What are your goals for coaching and coach development this year?

This year, I really want to focus on increasing the coaching talent for the next generation of young female coaches within the NSFA. Not only by bringing new female coaches in, but by supporting our current coaches as well. Retention is one of the biggest issues I want to work toward to keep more of our female coaches involved. I hope to do this through my involvement within the Accelerated Female Coach Mentoring Program and by working closely alongside Eilidh to provide female coaches with new opportunities and areas of learning to keep them wanting more.

In one word, what does being an NSFA Coach Developer means to you?


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