Celebrating Coaches: Spotlight on Samara from Lindfield Football Club

Celebrating Coaches: Spotlight on Samara from Lindfield Football Club

In our final Female Football Week spotlight for 2024, meet Samara Liebenberg, a dedicated coach at Lindfield Football Club, whose passion for the game and commitment to her players make her an invaluable asset to the football community. In this spotlight, we delve into Samara’s coaching journey, her insights on the impact of football, and the joy she finds in coaching.

Samara began her coaching journey at Lindfield Football Club, initially coaching once a week for the Superskills program. After taking a break, she returned in 2023 to coach her own teams, currently leading a G13s team and coaching in the Diamond League for two years.

When asked about the impact of football on her players, Samara emphasises the holistic benefits beyond the pitch. She highlights how football promotes teamwork, communication skills, and overall happiness, while fostering a sense of community within the club. Through football, players not only develop athletically but also socially and emotionally, building lifelong skills and friendships.

Reflecting on her coaching influences, Samara acknowledges the support and mentorship she’s received from the Diamond League coaching team at Lindfield. Coaches like Marcus Swift and Paul Grundy have played pivotal roles in her coaching journey, instilling confidence and providing guidance as she grows into her role as a coach.

For Samara, the most enjoyable aspect of coaching lies in witnessing her players thrive on game day. Seeing them apply their training, collaborate with their team, and embrace the competitive spirit brings her satisfaction and reinforces her passion for coaching.

As we celebrate Female Football Week, we extend our gratitude to coaches like Samara, whose leadership empower the next generation of female footballers – you can’t be what you can’t see. Thank you, Samara, for your invaluable contributions to Lindfield Football Club and the wider football community!

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