Gordon FC Empowers Women’s Football

Gordon FC Empowers Women’s Football

A Journey from the Summer Comp to NSFA Champions

In the wake of the thrilling FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2023 TM, Gordon FC embarked on a groundbreaking journey to establish their first-ever women’s team. The goal was clear – participation in the upcoming 2024 winter season. This remarkable initiative not only expands the horizons for female players within the club but also underscores Gordon FC’s commitment to fostering women’s football within the Northern Suburbs Football Association (NSFA).

Summer 2023: The Journey Begins

The spark for Gordon FC’s women’s team ignited in 2023 when Di, a dedicated team manager and enthusiastic club supporter, gathered a group of football mums to kickstart their own training sessions at Abbotsleigh. What began as a handful of participants quickly flourished into a spirited team of 20, eager to explore the world of football.

Undeterred by their initial lack of familiarity with the game’s intricacies, the team dove into the NTRA Summer Comp, playing every Monday evening. Despite finishing lower in the table, the camaraderie, support, and pure enjoyment of the game propelled them forward. The experience served as a crucial foundation for what would become Gordon FC’s first women’s team in the older age groups.

Winter Competition 2024: Gordon FC Takes the Field

Using the momentum gained during the summer season, the team has transitioned into the main NSFA Winter Competition. As newcomers to the older age groups, they acknowledged the learning curve, including mastering the infamous off-sides rule. However, armed with enthusiasm, four dedicated coaches, and a commitment to fun, they embraced the challenge.

Gordon FC’s new women’s team stands as a testament to the club’s evolution. With plans to expand their squad, they invite more women to join, creating a vibrant community that supports each other both on and off the field. The call to action for potential players can be found on the club’s website: Gordon FC Registration or via email at

Celebrating Success: NSFA Female Football Award 2023

Gordon FC proudly clinched the NSFA Female Football Award in 2023, recognising their dedication to advancing women’s football. The club’s commitment extends beyond the first women’s team, with aspirations to establish more all-girls teams across various age groups.

Notably, Sally, GFC’s Secretary, received the prestigious Presidents Award in 2023, a well-deserved acknowledgment after 14 years of remarkable volunteer service.

Excitement permeates the club as they continue their female football drive, welcoming back numerous girls from the previous year and witnessing an increasing number of sign-ups. Gordon FC remains steadfast in their mission to create a supportive, inclusive environment, fostering new friendships, laughter, and, most importantly, a season filled with endorphin-fuelled joy on the field.

As Gordon FC’s women’s team paves the way for a bright future, it symbolises the club’s unwavering commitment to equality, growth, and the beautiful game. The journey from the Summer Comp to the NSFA Winter Competition is not just a milestone for Gordon FC but a triumph for women’s football within the Northern Suburbs Football Association.

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