Coaching Spotlight: Sam Odgers

Coaching Spotlight: Sam Odgers

Our 2021 Coaching Scholarship recipients have kicked off their C Licence course over the weekend. Read on to learn more about one of our scholarship coaches, Sam Odgers from Northbridge FC!

Tell us about your journey within football, who’s your biggest influence and what initially got you involved in coaching?

I started playing at the age of five in 2006 and have played all but two seasons of winter football since. I began coaching in 2016 during my time in high school and have coached for a range of clubs, private schools, and academies. Brendan Dalton was a massive influence on my early coaching career, and I am really grateful for the opportunities he gave me to begin my coaching journey.

Why did you apply for the NSFA coaching scholarship and how will this positively impact the NSFA Community moving forwards?

I applied because I was super keen to improve my coaching ability and credentials, especially through learning from such experienced coaches. I believe that as I continue to improve my skills, I can positively impact players to a more substantial and technical level, especially through my head coach and supervision role at Northbridge FC.

What are the main takeaways of the Football Australia C-Licence course hosted by NSFA so far?

Some of the main takeaways have been always keeping players engaged during sessions, less time standing in lines and more time kicking the football. Also just many ways to adapt and improve drills and sessions to help players improve week by week. However the most important takeaway for me so far has focused less on the actual drill players are practicing, but how the coach conducts themselves in a positive manner during it and how much that can impact the players.

What would be your advice to coaches and players that strive to improve themselves?

No matter the skill level, always work hard. Someone putting in the effort will always succeed over someone who isn’t.

In one word, can you describe your role as a coach?


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