Coach Developer Spotlight: Kristi Murphy

Coach Developer Spotlight: Kristi Murphy

The NSFA Coach Development team is conducting NSFA Super League and Diamond League matchday mentoring throughout the season. This initiative is designed to support NSFA coaches on the ground in their club setting by receiving bespoke mentoring from NSFA Coach Developers. Read on to learn more about NSFA Coach Developer Kristi Murphy!

Who’s your favourite football team and player – and why?

My favourite team is Tottenham Hotspur – I followed in my Dad’s footsteps cheering for his favourite team. I recently went to do the new stadium tour there and it was incredible.

As for my favourite player it would have to be Lucy Bronze, I really like her commitment to the game and I think she’s an overall fantastic player. Plus she plays in the same position as me which is another reason I like her as a player.

Why are you involved in the delivery of coach development within NSFA?

I am involved with the delivery of coach development to be able to give more learning opportunities to coaches of all levels.

When I first started coaching in the UK there wasn’t a lot of available courses that I could participate on or knew about.

I feel that with the system we have within the NSFA we can reach more coaches and help improve their understanding of the game with the variety of courses we deliver.

Tell us some of your key highlights as a coach or coach developer?

One of the key highlights is very similar to the reason as to why I coach, it’s because I love seeing that spark moment when people achieve what they set out to achieve. Being a part of that spark moment when a coach nails a session or comes up with a brilliant idea is amazing.

What have learnt when delivering courses, workshops or mentored others within the NSFA community?

That I am genuinely always learning when delivering on courses. I like to reflect back on how I presented and get feedback from other presenter but more importantly the coaches I am presenting to. They are the ones after all who I am wanting to help so if they don’t quite get something I am trying to present then I’d like to know ways to improve on that.

How have the changes to the coach development courses this year within NSFA benefitted the coaching community and you as a presenter?

For myself as a presenter, I have really enjoyed the new block system as it means I have had more opportunities to be involved in presenting on the courses due to the smaller chunks, where as last year I found it harder to be on a full day course due to my work or prior commitments.

For the coaching community, I’d like to think that the new block system gives coaches a little bit more freedom when I comes to picking the course they want to be on and when they want to do it because we have more opportunities available.

What are your goals for coaching and coach development this year?

My main goal for coaching is to always reflect on sessions and learn from what happened in the session whether it be a good session or a session that I need to work on, learning from previous experiences is a great way to continue my own development.

As for my coach development goal it is to continue to push myself with the delivery of courses and mentoring. I want to be able to take on as many learning opportunities I can to be able to pass that knowledge on within mentoring and course delivery.

In one word, what does being an NSFA Coach Developer means to you?


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All females aged 15 and over are encouraged to attend the course to see what it is all about. The coach developers will create an inclusive and empowering environment. Our aim is to inspire you to be leaders in the game.

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