Coach Developer Spotlight: Jeremy Ferral-Smith

Coach Developer Spotlight: Jeremy Ferral-Smith

The NSFA Coach Development team is conducting NSFA Super League and Diamond League matchday mentoring throughout the season. This initiative is designed to support NSFA coaches on the ground in their club setting by receiving bespoke mentoring from NSFA Coach Developers. Read on to learn more about NSFA Coach Developer Jeremy Ferral-Smith!

Who’s your favourite football team and player – and why?

Favourite club – AFC Ajax. I have always been amazed at how a club can be so successful for such a long period of time consistently – the application of a club culture and ethos is amazing. They have always produced young talents and the style of positional football they play I find fascinating.

Favourite player would probably be Luka Modric – my favourite player has always been hard to put on a pin in because I think so many various players have so many super talents that are admirable. I think for me personally Modric has always been a player that’s made the impossible look easy, some of the individual brilliance from him is my constant reminder to give players the freedom to choose to be creative in anyway they like.

Why are you involved in the delivery of coach development within NSFA?

There is something so uniquely rewarding about helping individuals help others. They ability to have an impact that is wider than just yourself and knowing that through coach development I can affect multiple players that I may not even personally see myself is just amazing to be a part of. Furthering that the ability to give someone joy in coaching, something I have enjoyed for so long, is really exciting to see.

Tell us some of your key highlights as a coach or coach developer?

The collaborative aspect of coach education and coaching is a huge highlight and the main reason I do what I do. Hearing people’s stories, experiences, and expertise make up a huge part of why I love coaching. Everyone has so many things to teach each other and its amazing to be taught, and to watch others be taught also.

What have you learnt when delivering courses, workshops or mentored others within the NSFA community?

The importance of relationships and genuine rapport when teaching others. I big aspect for me that I’ve taken away from my coaching courses is getting to know peoples ‘why’ and really connecting with it and building an understanding from there. Everyone who embarks on a coaching journey and actively takes part in increasingly their skills and knowledge has a reason – if we can work together towards making that reason flourish or come true its really exciting to be a part of.

How have the changes to the coach development courses this year within NSFA benefitted the coaching community and you as a presenter?

Accessibility. I think for a lot of community coaches the daunting nature of taking a whole day or multiple days engage in coach education was just too much. It meant a lot of commitment in terms of hours and relied on them being available at certain times in the year. The breakup of the courses have allowed people to access the relevant help and information they need in order to do satisfy their needs. Also, as a coach developer I have noticed my ability to help individuals with their relevant specific problems has improved because of this more niche take on the courses.

What are your goals for coaching and coach development this year?

Inspiring individuals wherever possible. Either when coaching or coach developing, I want anyone who is part of my sessions or courses to be inspired to love football as much as I have. I would love to think that within coach education courses I could help young players really be inspired to go on and coach. It has been such a rewarding path for me personally and I’d love to think I could hand that over to another person.

Finally, describe what being an NSFA Coach Developer means to you in one word?


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