Coach Developer Spotlight: Jaz Virdee

Coach Developer Spotlight: Jaz Virdee

The NSFA Coach Development team is conducting NSFA Super League and Diamond League matchday mentoring throughout the season. This initiative is designed to support NSFA coaches on the ground in their club setting by receiving bespoke mentoring from NSFA Coach Developers. Read on to learn more about NSFA Coach Developer Jaz Virdee!

Who’s your favourite football team and player – and why?

Brentford FC – Ivan Toney – Grown up in and around the club since I was a kid. Living local, supporting and working at the club.

Why are you involved in the delivery of coach development within NSFA?

To be able to empower others around me to be the best version of themselves.

To share my knowledge band experience and provide a positive environment for the future generation of coaches and players to flourish.

What are some of your key highlights as a coach or coach developer?

Being able to collaborate with other coaches and not only build strong relationships but the ability to learn from others too. As a coach developer you are able to join a coaching journey and experience many different situations.

What have you learnt when delivering courses, workshops or mentored others within the NSFA community?

The key is to build a relationship and get to know/understand the reasons as to why others are coaching.

Knowing when to step in, whether that is within a coaching course or mentoring another coach understanding when it’s appropriate and asking if it’s ok to do so is crucial to build the working relationship.

The best thing about coaching is you can create so many wonderful memories and the start of this is to be open minded, watch others coach and get in and give it a go.

How have the changes to the coach development courses this year within NSFA benefitted the coaching community and you as a presenter?

Being able to provide remote learning, and teaching in blocks benefits coaches by being at home for online courses and within a comfortable setting. The fact to face blocks allow for in-depth teaching to occur of the specific block. Sometimes to cover this over a day or two does not allow presenters to go into too much detail, plus candidates can ask far more questions. Also the courses allows flexibility to suit times best for the candidates. With many people time poor breaking up the courses into smaller segments allows candidates to fit this into their schedules.

What are your goals for coaching and coach development this year?

I want to be able to:

  • Get out and spend as much time as possible with each coach I am working with
  • Provide feedback in the form of visual analysis – recording of coaches
  • Provide opportunities for coaches to reach out outside of coaching sessions.

In one word, what does being an NSFA Coach Developer means to you?


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