Men’s Over 55s Competition to Launch in 2022

Men’s Over 55s Competition to Launch in 2022

NSFA are set to expand competition offerings in 2022 by offering a Men’s Over 55 competition to cater for the growing number of ‘Overs’ players that continue to be in involved in the world game.

NSFA first floated the idea with clubs in 2020 and has since gained traction and support of many within the Men’s Over 45 community. In 2021 there were 1153 players within the Men’s Over 45 competitions spread across 64 teams, the most in NSFA history.

Since 2012 the M45 competition has more than doubled, growing from a base of 518 and just 29 teams. The new Men’s 55 competition encourages members to remain connected and playing the world game despite their age and the challenges of playing with players more than 10 years their junior.

“We have players that are in their 70s still playing in the Men’s O45 which is remarkable. Our Men’s 55 option allows those players that want to keep on playing the opportunity to do so against people in a similar age bracket,” explains CEO Edward Ferguson.

“The game will be modified, utilising a smaller field, less player numbers and a slightly shorter time period. We hope this entices teams and friendship groups to stay together for an additional few years and celebrates the camaraderie and mate ship that football provides.”

The NSFA Men’s Over 55 competition will take place on Saturday afternoons as an alternative to Men’s Over 45. The game will be played on a small field, using a ‘sideline-to-sideline’ approach of a full size field.

Mens 55 Competition details:

  • Sideline to sideline field, roughly 60m x 40m
  • Size 5 ball
  • Offside rule applies
  • 8 aside
  • 35 minutes each half
  • Saturday afternoon, between 1pm- 5pm.

In 2021 NSFA recognised David Mudge, long serving player in the association at 78 years old, with a NSFA President’s Award. The Men’s O55 competition aims to support the Mudgeys in the world to continue enjoying their football.

The aim is to kick off this season with at least 8 teams, with the aspiration to grow the competition to 12 teams and create a ‘hub’ type atmosphere for those teams competing on a Saturday afternoon.

Players and teams interested in joining the NSFA Men’s O55 competition are encouraged to express interest through their NSFA Club. Nominations are due to close on February 10th.

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