Men’s NSFA vs MWFA Select

Men’s NSFA vs MWFA Select

The NSFA Men’s Select Team take on MWFA Select tomorrow night (Wednesday 14th February) at Charles Bean Oval. In what promises to be a very exciting contest, Head Coach Greg Fuchs (Willoughby Dalleys FC) and Select Captain Liam Burrell (Berowra FC) were able to provide insight into how they are preparing for the big fixture on Wednesday.

When asked to assess the challenge of trying to win the NSFA Select game for the first time, Head Coach Fuchs stated that the upcoming match poses a significant challenge, both mentally and physically. Historically, we’ve never emerged victorious in this fixture, putting immense pressure on the MWFA team. Despite this, our squad has focused on camaraderie and playing with a sense of freedom throughout our preparations. Fuchs has enjoyed working with the Select team in what he calls a “rewarding experience”, explaining that the Select squad is selected on two key attributes: talent and individual character.

When asked the vitally important question of why NSFA are going to win, Fuchs was straight to the point with his answer. “A fairytale ending, the classic underdog story, captivating everyone. Winning isn’t guaranteed; it must be earned through thorough preparation. I believe our well-prepared performance could surpass the MWFA side, paving the way for our first victory against them.” In preparation for the match, the select team has had two trial matches against reigning NSFA Premier League champions Willoughby Dalleys and Northern Tigers U18/20’s.

NSFA Men’s Select Captain Liam Burrell, a Berowra FC junior, is also equally confident in his side’s chances of winning the Select match on Wednesday. Burrell, having played for Berowra Men’s All Age teams for 15 years (8 of those in the Premier League squad) spoke about how the preparations have been for the upcoming fixture, stating that these special Select opportunities can present various challenges with players coming from various Clubs and differing coaching styles having to gel in a short period of time under one coach. However, in saying this, the squad “share a common, competitive bond from years of playing against each other” Burrell states. This, in turn,helps to foster a “fun and relaxed atmosphere allowing players to express themselves and thrive on the pitch”. Whilst Burrell was quiet about which players he expects to standout from the NSFA team, he was able to comment on which MWFA players to look out for on the field on Wednesday, with Jordy DeVries being “all class” and Josh Ciabatti a “fantastic finisher”. Burrell stated that he is looking forward to a strong competitive fixture and that he believes the squad will be able to secure the first win for the NSFA.

Head to Charles Bean Oval on Wednesday 14th February (7:30 PM kick-off) to watch the NSFA Men’s Select take on the MWFA Men’s Select in what promises to be a stellar fixture.

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