EMC Update

EMC Update

A number of clubs have notified us that they are missing players in MyClubMate that are registered in PlayFootball. This is part of an ongoing issue we have experienced with the feed of data from PlayFootball into MyClubMate.

Players can still play this weekend even if they aren’t appearing in the MyClubMate system. Team managers can record the players details in the ‘Match Card Comments’ section which is located at the bottom of the screen (see example below).

Please note that this only applies to players that are registered in PlayFootball.

We are also anticipating issues with the speed of the EMC system due to file size issues with imported ID images.

As a precaution, all team managers should bring a paper match card to their weekend fixture. The paper match card can be downloaded from the team manager portal. Paper match cards are to be used if teams are having issues submitting the match card online.

Please see the EMC guide for more information.

This information has also been distributed to clubs via email.

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