Continuing the Legacy of RESPECT in Football: A Reminder to Uphold Sportsmanship and Fair Play

Continuing the Legacy of RESPECT in Football: A Reminder to Uphold Sportsmanship and Fair Play

As the 2023 winter season begins to wrap up, we take a moment to reflect on the core values that have been guiding our community for years.

RESPECT, the timeless campaign that first took flight in 2017, continues to soar high, reminding us of the importance of sportsmanship, fair play, and mutual respect on and off the field.

“We believe that RESPECT is essential to creating a fun and inclusive environment for everyone involved in football,” said NSFA CEO, Kevin Johnson. “That’s why we’re continuing to focus on this important campaign.”

A Journey of Sportsmanship

Since its inception, RESPECT has been the beating heart of our football community.

Players, coaches, parents, and spectators alike have embraced the ethos of the campaign, forming a tight-knit bond that goes beyond wins and losses.

At its core, RESPECT encourages us all to play by the rules, listen to the referees, and enjoy the beautiful game with both our teammates and opponents.

Celebrating Acts of Respect

Throughout the seasons, we have witnessed remarkable acts of respect that have warmed our hearts. Coaches have been a source of inspiration, encouraging and uplifting their players to reach new heights. Players, in turn, have exhibited exceptional sportsmanship, showcasing camaraderie and fair play, setting examples for their peers to follow.

Spectators and parents have also been integral to the RESPECT culture, cheering from the sidelines with positivity and encouragement. Their unwavering support for not only their own team but also for the opposition has fostered an environment of appreciation for the game’s true spirit.

A Culture We Cherish

The RESPECT campaign has created a legacy that we cherish dearly. It has taught us that every member of our football community has a part to play in upholding these values. Whether it’s treating referees with dignity and respect, acknowledging the efforts of volunteers who keep our clubs running, or simply cleaning up after ourselves in the changing rooms, each action contributes to the rich tapestry of RESPECT.

Continuing the Journey

As we lace up our boots for another exciting summer season, let’s remember that RESPECT is not merely a one-time campaign; it’s a way of life for us. Let’s carry forward the spirit of RESPECT and make it an integral part of every match, every training session, and every interaction within our football family.

“We hope that these initiatives will help to make a real difference to the way football is played and enjoyed in our community,” said Smith. “We want everyone to feel welcome and valued, regardless of their age, ability or background.”

The NSFA is also encouraging clubs to hold their own RESPECT initiatives, such as parent education evenings and referee appreciation events.

“We believe that everyone has a role to play in promoting RESPECT in football,” said Kevin. “We hope that you’ll join us in supporting this important campaign.”

Spotlighting Acts of RESPECT

Throughout this season, we will continue to spotlight the acts of RESPECT that shine brightly within our community. We will share stories of players, coaches, parents, and spectators who exemplify the true essence of sportsmanship. Each fortnight, we’ll showcase posters on social media and in our newsletter, capturing the heartwarming moments of respect that make our football community truly special.

Together We Soar

Let’s continue to support and uplift one another, building a culture of respect that will echo through generations to come.

Thank you to every player, coach, parent, volunteer, and spectator for being part of the RESPECT family. Your dedication to sportsmanship and fair play is what makes our football community a beacon of positivity and unity.

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