Coaching Spotlight: Sarah Uff

Coaching Spotlight: Sarah Uff

How did you first become involved in Lane Cove FC?

I started at LCFC in 2018 after leaving a previous club to play closer to where I lived. A friend used to play for LCFC so we joined together and I haven’t looked back. The club was so welcoming and supportive of me getting involved (and not just with playing!), that I now not only play for the club, I’m an active Board Member, Coach and Women’s Coordinator.

As a coach, what do you believe are the most important skills and characteristics?

Patience, care and passion. You have to understand that the kids you are coaching are learning and that they will make mistakes, and that it is ok. Show them you care about them, and not just about them in football, but outside of it too. How are they going at school, who are their friends and so on. And passion. It’s the reason we all do things, and if you’ve got it, they will see it too and start wanting it too.

Why do you think coaching is important for young people to be involved in?

It allows you to do a couple of things. Cement your own skills and understanding of the game; builds your confidence on and off the field and allows you to think big picture and realise that what you do matters to someone. I look at the two teams I have coached at LCFC and when they nail that goal, or make that tackle and are proud of what they’ve achieved, you see why it’s important. You become a role model and someone who someone else looks up to, and that’s a pretty nice feeling to know you can have that impact.

What is your tip for the Matildas in the WC?

We are a team to watch that’s for sure!

Any words of advice to aspiring young girls or women to get involved in football?

Aside from do it, give it a go? Your football family is something special that you can’t get from anywhere else. Whether it’s friends you have for the season, or friends you have carrying on season after season, football becomes more than just a sport you play on the weekend. It becomes your passion.

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