Knox United FC Launching Female Teams in 2024!

Knox United FC Launching Female Teams in 2024!

We caught up with Saskia Geraghty, the new Female Football Coordinator for Knox United.

Saskia reflects fondly on her journey with the club, being one of the first female players. She expresses her excitement to be part of this historic moment, driving the growth of female football at Knox United. The club, traditionally male-dominated, is ready to embrace inclusivity and challenge stereotypes.

Saskia says, “Knox United is an inclusive and challenging environment for female players and coaches. I’m thrilled to build a strong female community within the club.”

The introduction of female teams has sparked curiosity and conversations within the football community. Saskia emphasizes the impact of breaking the stereotypes associated with the Knox brand, traditionally linked with masculinity. As Female Football Coordinator, Saskia aims to create a safe and enriching environment for female players to thrive and showcase their skills.

In a recent interview on Knox United FC socials, Saskia shares, “We’re here to prove that female players have a right to feel safe and respected in football. It’s about challenging assumptions and making a positive change.”

Knox United is not just launching female teams; they’re redefining support. Saskia sheds light on the dedication to providing quality coaching tailored to the needs of all players. Female coaches are being brought on board for the female teams, and thoughtful touches like period packs designed by female athletes will be included in kitbags. Plus, a 25% discount on registration fees for all female players is Knox United’s way of making football accessible to everyone.

Saskia also highlighted, “We’re designing kits and support packs with our female athletes in mind. Our focus is on ensuring our players feel supported, respected, and ready for game day.”

Join us in celebrating this momentous occasion as Knox United paves the way for a more inclusive and diverse football community across the Northern Suburbs of Sydney.

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