INSPIRE FC Blog – Using INSPIRE FC to Mentor Others

INSPIRE FC Blog – Using INSPIRE FC to Mentor Others

What is INSPIRE FC’s mission and how can we use this innovative coaching platform to mentor other coaches – and subsequently retain players and coaches in the game?

Mission: Why create INSPIRE?

1) INSPIRE’s Philosophy:

  • Develop people and their character, demonstrating respect, humility, confidence, and teamwork.
  • Continually express care for and belief in all players, treating them as individuals within the team and their participation context.
  • Provide players with a safe and inclusive football experience that brings them joy, social connection and instils a deep love of football within.
  • Holistically develop players through a player – centered learning environment that is appropriate, rich in decisions and relevant to a football match.
  • Inspire players to apply their utmost effort and strive to be the best they can be. Focusing on enjoyment and development over results.
  • Use INSPIRE FC’s content to support and mentor others in the club and playing environment to retain coaches

2) To achieve the mission, we need to understanding community coaches and their reasons for involvement:

3) Now we can look to engage all types of community coaches in consultation to understand their needs to create the best environment for the player:
Consider the importance of Mentoring and apply the behaviour change model!

When mentoring others, we may need to consider each individual coaches:
Coaching Characteristics
Management Style and Experience
Organisation of themselves and others
Coaching Behaviours and Habits

4) Say Yes and Learn Later!
Are we all experts at coaching or mentoring? Whatever you experience say yes to helping others – and learn later! Remember mentoring or coaching isn’t linear:

5) ‘How’ can we mentor!? Here’s some strategies and tips!
Consider and outline – How can these methods be used when mentoring?

Verbal Mentoring – Questioning – what questions should you ask?

Written feedback – What written feedback content should you provide?

Buddy System – How can you implement a ‘Buddy System’?

Video – How would you use video?

Deliver the session (part or full) – what are the benefits of both?

Flash mentoring – define Flash Mentoring? When/how/time it could it happen?

Observation – what should you observe and why?

6) Time for Action!

Our role as a coach developer is to:

  • Create a safe, positive environment for players and coaches, that instils a love of football within them.
  • Understand self, others, content and context
  • Form a relationship with coaches, before you mentor them.
  • Develop each coach individually as a person and coach, asking questions and using various methods when required.
  • Keep players and coaches in our game!

If an individual needs support, try using the INSPIRE FC content and mentoring tips to guide, help, support, check and challenge each other – and don’t be afraid to adapt practice!

Happy coaching!

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