Elevate Your Impact: Club Sustainability Officer Opportunity!

Elevate Your Impact: Club Sustainability Officer Opportunity!

Join the forefront of change as your club’s Sustainability Officer in 2024. Empower youth voices, leading the charge for a sustainable future. Work with climate leaders, engage in impactful events, and be the liaison for vital updates. Email us to register and shape a greener tomorrow!

Are you keen to be part of your club’s sustainability sports program and support youth to help them have a voice and be part of the solution?

Then please consider stepping up to be your clubs Sustainability Officer in 2024.

You may be wondering what are the key responsibilities and roles and what is the time commitment?

Your role will include:

  • supporting your clubs youth ambassadors in establishing your clubs one Big Idea to implement in 2024 (4 hours)
  • supporting two key events in 2024:

  (1) Recycling of Sports Gear to help rural youth programs – ½ day event

  (2) Co-ordinating the schedule for the Plastic Free Community event – 1/2-day event

  • attending 30 min zoom calls event each month with the SSP team ( 6 x 30 mins over 6 months)
  • importantly be the key point person in your club to receive news updates from the NFSA to share with your club President – approx. 3 – 4 updates across the season

Each week during the soccer season in terms of time commitment it may range from a half an hour to an hour (or more if you want it to be). You will be working with some inspiring climate leaders – Liz Courtney Award winning International Film Director,  Linda Curtis Community Climate activist and Youth Mentor, and Australian Youth Ambassador for Oceans Sophia Skarparis.

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