Celebrating Success: NSFA’s Transformative Grants in Women’s Football

Celebrating Success: NSFA’s Transformative Grants in Women’s Football

The Northern Suburbs Football Association (NSFA) is delighted to announce the successful acquisition and implementation of grants from the NSW Office of Sport and the NSW Football Legacy Fund Round 1. These grants, a testament to the association’s dedication to women’s football, have paved the way for ground-breaking projects that will leave a lasting impact on the football community.

Grant Project 1: Flexible Playing Format for Girls 5 to 7

NSFA embarked on a mission to introduce a flexible playing format, tailored to attract girls aged 5 to 7 to the beautiful game. Operating out of hubs every Sunday morning beginning the Winter 2020 season, the continuous program saw competitions of 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 matches. Female coaches, serving as positive role models led these hubs, dismantling barriers and fostering an inclusive and empowering culture. With a 20% growth across four hubs, NSFA successfully aligned with its What’s Best For Her strategic goals.

Grant Project 2: Online Coach Education Support Platform

The introduction of the INSPIRE FC subscriptions marked a significant leap in NSFA’s commitment to enhancing the female football experience. This online coach education platform provided coaches with a wealth of resources, from session plans to professional development videos. Addressing the under-representation of female coaches in New South Wales, NSFA aimed to empower women, fostering a 50/50 gender representation. By easing access to coaching tools and knowledge, the initiative aimed to improve player and coach experiences, contributing to the broader goal of creating a more diverse and inclusive football community.

Grant Project 3: Building Grassroots Club Capabilities

In an effort to elevate player development programs, NSFA directed funds towards building grassroots club capabilities. The Diamond League clubs, catering to U12 to U18-year-old players, received support through experienced mentors, focusing on player, coach, and club development. By developing these capabilities, NSFA aimed to attract, retain, and develop female players, striving for a remarkable 90% player retention rate. The investment in mentoring not only enhanced the development environment but also attracted new players to the clubs, fostering growth and increasing overall participation.

Grant Project 4: Female Football Leaders Talent Identification Program

NSFA, in collaboration with Football NSW, initiated the Female Football Leaders Talent Identification Program to address the underrepresentation of female participants and coaches. Identifying and supporting 46 female coaches with education course subsidies and upskilling 25 female coach educators, this program aimed to create visible female leaders within NSFA. With a strategic focus on ‘What’s Best for Her,’ the initiative tackled unconscious bias, attracted more female coaches, and paved the way for sustainable growth. NSFA’s success in this program is now positioned as a case study, with plans to extend this model to other Football Associations.

In closing, NSFA extends heartfelt gratitude to the NSW Office of Sport and the Football NSW Legacy Fund for their unwavering support. These grants have not only propelled NSFA towards achieving its strategic goals but have also laid the foundation for a more inclusive, diverse, and vibrant future for women’s football in the Northern Suburbs. The association remains committed to the continued growth and empowerment of women in the sport, leaving an indelible mark on the football community.

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