Coach Education

Coach Education is a key component in the Northern Suburbs Football development framework and the foundation for improving player experience. Northern Suburbs Football firmly believes that coaches play a pivotal role in player experience and through Coach Education, our aim is to ensure all participants have an enjoyable, safe and engaging experience, regardless of their ability, age or gender.


Community coaching courses are the foundation of knowledge for any coach, parent or interested other involved in football. Community courses are delivered by Northern Suburbs Football Community course presenters and are short in duration, locally available and free of cost to coaches associated with NSFA clubs. The four community coaching courses offered by NSFA relate to the age group and development phase a coach will be involved in.

All coach education presented to NSFA registered coaches is FREE. The only requirement for you to receive these courses for free is that you be a registered coach on My Football Club with an NSFA member club.

If you do not wish to register in MFC, or if you are an out of association coach, each course fee is $90.00. Please email to advise when you register to attend the course. 

Registration is compulsory for all courses. If you are unable to attend any course you registered to attend please notify

Please note:  If you register to attend as a coach with an NSFA club and fail to attend, your club will be invoiced in the sum of $90.00.

Education Opportunities

SAP Workshops

NSFA Skills Acquisition Phase (SAP) Workshops are designed for coaches of Under 9 – Under 13 age groups.

Workshops provide an opportunity for coaches to observe NSFA / Northern Tigers FC coaches in their delivery of sessions, utilising SAP players and NSFA club players. Coaches in attendance will have the opportunity to learn new exercises, activities, coaching skills, communication methods and the chance to ask questions of the coaches.

Workshop #1

Monday 21 May 2018 5:30PM – 6:30 PM
Rofe Park

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Workshop #2

Monday 28 May 2018 6PM – 7PM
Thomson Park

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Workshop #3

Wednesday 6 June 2018 7PM – 8:30PM
North Turramurra Recreation Area (NTRA)

NSFA welcomes FFA Technical Director Eric Abrams to showcase a new methodology in delivering SAP sessions. A truly unique experience!

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Workshop #4

Tuesday 12 June 2018 5pm – 6pm

Blackman Park, Lane Cove

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Game Training Workshop

Wednesday 11th July, 2018

6:30pm – 8:30pm


This workshop is aimed at coaches for all levels, with Yokohama F Marinos coaches showcasing the coaching approach taken by them and insights into their development philosophy.


Workshop #1

Monday 21 May 2018 6:30PM – 8PM
Cromer Park
Delivered by Dean May

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Workshop #2

Monday 28 May 2018 7PM – 9PM
North Turramurra Recreation Area (NTRA)

Legendary Socceroos Goalkeeper Jim Fraser will be on hand at NSFA to learn all level coaches some basic to goalkeeping and how to engage all players to learn skills through game based activities.

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Monday 14 May 2018 7 PM – 9 PM
Ku-ring-gai High School

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If you are interested in completing a Skills Training Course please email

If you are interested in completing a Game Training Course please email

If you are interested in completing a Senior Certificate Course please email


NSFA Community Coaching course are held primarily are the beginning of the season between February – April. Courses also take place towards the end of the season.

The Community Coaching course stream has FOUR courses on offer, which are all age appropriate based on the development phase you are coaching. Please see below;

Age Groups Player Development Phase Coaching course
Under 6 – 8 Discovery Phase ALDI MiniRoos Certificate
Under 9 – 13 Skill Training Phase Skill Training Certificate
Under 14 – 17 Game Training Phase Game Training Certificate
Under 17+ Performance Phase Senior Certificate


If you have 2-3 years coaching experience and wish to further your coaching knowledge you should consider attending an AFC/FFA C-licence course. Please head to for more information and where to find the next course information.

Some age group divisions have a minimum accreditation level for coaches, please see details below. However Northern Suburbs Football encourage all coaches, managers and parents to attend their age appropriate course.

Under  9 -13 Division 1 coaches must hold a current Skill Training Certificate.

Diamond League – All Diamond League coaches must hold a current Skill Training Certificate and/or Game Training Certificate

Under 14 – 17 Super League (Division 1) coaches must hold a current Game Training Certificate

Under 18 – All Age Division 1 coaches must hold a current Senior Certificate

Northern Suburbs Football launched the ‘Inspire’ coaching program to support community coaches in 2017. Inspire is an online platform to provide support, discussion, resources and session plans to community coaches within the Northern Suburbs Football Association.

Head over to Inspire Coaching to find out more information – LINK THIS –

Northern Suburbs Football offer coach mentoring opportunities to community coaches whereby FFA qualified coach educators will observe your session, providing assistance, tips and support in your club environment. Please contact Ed Ferguson to arrange this –

Under 6 – 9 – Size 3 football

Under 10 – 13 – Size 4 football

Under 14+ – Size 5 football

As part of the Northern Suburbs Football coaching support program ‘Inspire’ you can receive weekly sessions to deliver for your community team. All sessions are tailored to community coaching, offering many different activities and levels of progression depending on your players ability. Sign up as a member of the Inspire program for further information – LINK HERE –

Football Federation Australia’s National Curriculum provides community coaches with a season worth of session plans for all development phases. To view sessions please visit

As part of Northern Suburbs Football coach support program ‘Inspire’ coaches can sign up to receive weekly session plans, videos and coach tips and hints to support them in their club environment. Furthermore, NSFA has produced a coaching tool for age groups Under 6-8 and Under 9-13 to support coaches. Please head to the ‘Coaching Resources’ page to view and download your copy today.

A part from begin organised, having a positive attitude and enjoying every session with enthusiasm to match your players, you will require the following equipment to deliver a session that is enjoyable for the players and yourself.

Cones – 3 sets of 10 cones, of different colours

Bibs – 2 sets of different colour bibs. Depending on your age group have enough bibs to form teams

Balls – In a perfect world every player has a ball! If this cannot be achieved aim to have one ball per two players.

Wristwatch – Organisation and time management are key

Luxury items:

Poles – To use as goals on grass fields

Pop-up goals

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