Small Group Coaching

Small Group Coaching is a high intensity training environment where individual technique is the core focus. Groups are no larger than four people and it is a fantastic opportunity for players to develop and receive feedback on their technique. Currently Small Group Coaching is only available to representative or NSFA Diamond League/Super League players.

Areas covered include:

  • First touch
  • Striking the ball (passing and shooting)
  • 1v1 (attacking and defending)
  • Agility/Coordination
  • Weak foot development
  • Decision Making and Awareness


Going to the first XLR8 session I didn't really know what to expect.  Dylan trains 3 nights a week as it is so I was curious what would be so different about these sessions.  As soon it started I knew this was something he had never done before.  There were only 4 boys in the group and the drills were things I have never seen him do before. One particular thing I liked was I could see that Nick (the coach) was constantly talking to the boys whilst doing the drills and giving them lots of instant feedback which you don't always necessarily get in a group training session.  The sessions ran for an hour and I was pleasantly surprised at how much they fit in to each session.  Dylan would get in to the car after each session tired but animated  and tell me how much he had enjoyed it and how he was going to be able to use what he had learnt.  I found the experience extremely worthwhile and would highly recommend it to any child at any level.

Katrina Lawson

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