Mackay becomes Head of Female Football

Mackay becomes Head of Female Football

We are pleased to announce Eilidh Mackay will be taking on a new role as Head of Female Football within NSFA.

Eilidh has worked full time for the past five years with NSFA in the role of Representative Programs Manager supporting Northern Tigers FC, XLR8 Player Development Programs and female football initiatives during this time. Eilidh is well known throughout the region due to her presence in XLR8, leading the Female Football Working Group and recently creating the Female Coach Mentoring Program.

Eilidh’s new role will see her continue bringing life to the Female Football Plan, released in early 2020, as NSFA looks ahead to the 2023 Women’s World Cup and lays the foundation ahead for the transformation of the game. Eilidh will spend more time in the community over the coming seasons, supporting Female Football Coordinators within Clubs to provide a multitude of attraction initiatives to the sport, help strengthen Club processes and opportunities to aid retention, and provide development opportunities for players, coaches and volunteers.

NSFA CEO Ed Ferguson made comment on the appointment. “This role is truly deserved for a person that has dedicated so much time and effort to football in our region as well as her passion for the female game. The NSFA community has responded extremely well to Eilidh’s efforts over the past two seasons in establishing key capability building programs and it is due to this response and the hunger for more female football opportunities that I am pleased to have Eilidh move into a new role as Head of Female Football.”

The Female Football Plan – What’s Best For Her –  is a ground breaking strategy that creates a roadmap for NSFA, our 30 member Clubs and our membership to work towards. It is the first of its kind from a grassroots Association and I believe we have the right strategy, structure in place and people on board. The next few years will be significant for female football ahead of the World Cup and we plan to be leading by example.”

Find out more about the Female Football Plan here.

Eilidh vacates her administrative duties at Northern Tigers, allowing well known Northern Tigers FC & XLR8 coach Daniel Febo to step into her shoes. Dan takes on a slightly adjusted role as Football Administration Manager, supporting the NSFA’s pathways pillar, XLR8 Player Development and Coach Education. Dan steps into the role after three years working within the community as a coach educator, Northern Tigers SAP and Youth coach as well as XLR8 Program Leader. Ferguson congratulated Dan on his new role.

“Dan has been a great addition to NSFA since he first joined us in 2018 and it is great to be able to provide an opportunity for him to experience football full time. Dan has been extremely passionate, dedicated to learning and always looking at ways to improve the football experience of those under his leadership. I am confident Dan will continue to evolve the FAM role and allow the Pathways pillar of the Future Football Strategy to become ever stronger.”

View the Future Football Strategic Plan here.

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