INSPIRE Blog: Setting individual goals for players

Setting individual goals for players

Earlier in the season, we set team standards for which all members are to uphold and strive to achieve. I hope you have created these and regularly use them as a reflection tool to ensure that your team are on track, and conducting themselves and representing the club, team and individual standards that you agreed to.

This week I challenge you to set individual goals for your players.

Our role as youth coaches is to develop the player, and in doing so, develop the team. This can be hard with many constraints such as time and performance, however we are here for the long term development of the player and therefore must empower our players to think, act and prepare themselves for an ongoing development journey.

My recommended approach.

Pre-training / Preparation:

1. Create three columns on a sheet of paper and write down players names on the left-hand column

2. In the middle column, outline two strengths each player has.

3. In the right-hand side column, outline two weaknesses each player has.

Training / Communication:

4. Talk with each player individually during the course of your two training sessions this week. This can be done before and after training or I would encourage you to play a game for 40 minutes of the session, with players rotating out as they come over to have a chat.

5. Ask each player to reflect on how they think THEY are going this season. This is about them, not the team.

6. Ask your player to outline one or two areas they would like to improve over the next 8 weeks.

7. Ensure their objectives are:

S – Specific

M – Measurable

A – Achievable

R – Realistic

T – Timely

8. Shake on an agreement that yourself and your player will work towards achieving their goal over the next 8 weeks

Ongoing / Reflection:

9. During the next 8 weeks check up on players to see how they are travelling. Give advice and your honest opinion.

We have also released the video from the preseason Super League & Diamond League workshop

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