Administrator Handbook

In 2013 the NSFA Competitions Department identified that there was a need to produce a document that outlined all aspects of NSFA operations. The first edition of this handbook was subsequently published in 2015.

We noted that many clubs changed secretaries and/or administrators on a regular basis and that information was not always passed on from the departing secretary to the incoming secretary. It was felt that by producing an all-encompassing document which would be available on our website the handover would be much smoother. The Handbook has been produced to assist club secretaries and others within a club’s governance team to understand the club’s obligations to both their members and to the Association with regards to competitions and relevant compliance, and in return our obligations to the clubs.

This handbook should be read in conjunction with the Association’s Constitution, Regulations and Policies. This Handbook is a guide only and in the event of any discrepancy the NSFA Constitution, Association Regulations, Competition Regulations and Policies take precedence.

We trust that you will find it extremely helpful in your role in 2018. This document is continually evolving and we welcome any feedback on ways it can be improved.

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